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E-Cigarette Kits

At REVAPE we have different hardware Brands including SMOK, INNOKIN, GEEKVAPE, ASPIRE, VOOPOO, UWELL, HORIZONTECH and more. This section is focused on our E-Cigarette Kits which are all quite different
In terms of E-Cigarette kits, the main differences are the tank style either DTL or MTL and the other differences with kits is the Battery Capacity and some kits have Variable Wattage. Variable wattage is the option to adjust the power from the battery, i.e. Turning the wattage up to get a stronger draw or Turning the wattage down to get a softer draw.

  • Tanks which are DTL 
  • Lower Strength E-Liquid 
  • Large amount of Vapour  
  • Lower Ohms Coils
  • Sub-ohm. wider mouthpiece 
  • take in more vapour
  • Tanks which are MTL 
  • Any Strength E-Liquid 
  • Good amount of Vapour 
  • Higher Ohms Coils
  • Smaller mouthpiece similar to a Cigarette tip.
  • This style is also very similar to Smoking a cigarette and can make it easier to quit or stay off the cigarettes.
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